MFT Digital Line Balanceboard Produkte für Familien, Sportler und Senioren

The completely new training experience

The new Digital Line from MFT combines classic coordination & balance training with modern, digital evaluation methods for more efficient training. The special Balance Boards come already integrated with a sensor. All products can be connected to the MFT Bodyteamwork App – for a completely new and motivating training experience!


MFT Challenge Disc 2.0

MFT Challenge Disc 2.0

The MFT Challenge Disc 2.0 analyses the one- and two-legged balance ability and becomes a trainer with the app, where training/therapy programmes and training games lead to success. For ambitious athletes and in physiotherapy.

  • MFT Balance Sensor Bluetooth & App
  • Professional training
  • The digital Balance Board

MFT Fit Disc 2.0

MFT Fit Disc 2.0 with Bodyteamwork App

The MFT Fit Disc 2.0, the e-Balance Trainer for the whole family. An entry test that shows you your training level, training programmes and games are fun and motivating. The simple digital balance board for everyone.

  • MFT Balance Sensor Bluetooth & App
  • Train, play & compare
  • Easy & quick to use
Performance improvement
Performance improvement
Healthy back
Healthy back
Healthy joints
Healthy joints

Your smart coordination training at home


What is the big advantage of the Digital Line products?

All Digital Line products combine classic instability training with digital feedback. This gives you direct feedback on the application and your training progress – which in turn leads to better results and more effective training. At the same time, the games and training programmes integrated into the app increase motivation.

The target group for the Digital Line products is as broad as their area of application. Whether you want to actively counteract your back pain or strengthen your back muscles, stabilise your ankle, knee or hip joints, improve your coordination or do something for your general health. All Digital Line products support you in these endeavours. Suitable for everyone: from children and pensioners to physiotherapists and top athletes.

Although all fitness and therapy equipment follows the same principle, there are subtle differences and special applications. The Challenge Disc 2.0 and the Fit Disc 2.0 primarily provide performance enhancement and healthy joints, but also promote your back health.

  Challenge Disc 2.0 Fit Disc 2.0
  Challenge Disc 2.0 Fit Disc 2.0
price 279,00  179,00 
for seniors / 50+ optimal suitable
for children & families geeignet optimal
for athletes optimal suitable
back fitness training optimal suitable
healthy joints & ligaments optimal optimal
MFT Challenge Disc 2.0
Challenge Disc 2.0
price 279,00 
for seniors / 50+ optimal
for children & families suitable
for athletes optimal
back fitness training optimal
healthy joints & ligaments optimal
MFT Fit Disc 2.0
Fit Disc 2.0
price 179,00 
for seniors / 50+ suitable
for children & families optimal
for athletes suitable
back fitness training suitable
healthy joints & ligaments optimal
  • optimal optimal
  • suitable suitable
  • less suitable less suitable

Including free Bodyteamwork app for TV, smartphone and tablet


I ordered this product for my partner who has shortened ligaments in his legs so he can have fun exercising. This works great he makes it fun and it is very quick tap and it connects via Bluetooth, the app is easy to use for young and old. There are five difficulty levels so you are very flexible and the games are great. The training programmes are excellent.


Works very well with the mobile phone.

You achieve body stability very quickly and can see exactly where the weak points in the balance area are. Plate works on both legs as well as left and right.


Super training for fall prevention and improvement of sensorimotor functions, stability and symmetry. No one should be without it. I have been working with MFT for more than 10 years.


MFT branded goods – top quality guaranteed!


The MFT sensors were awarded the ISPO Award by the jury of experts at the ISPO 2020.


MFT products are awarded the seal of quality for determining the movement, learning & play value of movement equipment.

Test winner

The platform has chosen the MFT Fit Disc as the test winner for balance boards with a grade of 1.3.